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Pristine Eco Cleaning, LLC precautions in response to COVID-19

Pristine Eco Cleaning is a company that cares about the well-being and health of its customers and employees.

We know and recognize that currently coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a lot of uncertainty, for this reason we have established a protocol following the CDC guidelines. 

You will find some of the steps that we follow below:

¿What happen if any of our employees shows symptoms?

They would take days off while recovery

If anyone in the home is sick or showing flu-like symptoms, the best decision is to reschedule the service

Our team member will always count with the right equipment (gloves, masks, and booties) as supplies are available.

As part of our protocole our team members wash their hands before entering to your space and when leaving.


We care about keep everyone safe, we count with disinfecting cleaning equipment daily.

We care about our team members as we care about our customers, that's the reason why our vehicules are being disinfected daily


The uniforms that we provide to our employees are daily wash and disinfected.


This is an uncertain time but you can rest assured that at Pristine Eco Cleaning we are doing our part to help stop the spread of these germs.

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